Indish welcomes you to experience the vibrant flavours of authentic Indian cuisine in a modern and stylish setting. Located in Chadderton (Oldham), our spacious restaurant offers the perfect ambience for an enjoyable dining experience, whether you're catching up with friends, enjoying a family meal, or seeking a romantic evening out. Our passion lies in showcasing the true essence of Indian cooking. We use only the freshest ingredients and traditional recipes, meticulously prepared by our expert chefs. From fragrant curries to succulent tandoori grills, our menu boasts a delightful array of dishes to tantalise your taste buds.

Indish isn't just about the food. We've designed our restaurant to be a place where you can unwind and relax. Our spacious interior features modern décor, while our large bar area provides the perfect spot to enjoy a pre-dinner drink or unwind after your meal. Join us at Indish and embark on a culinary adventure to the heart of India!

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Embark on a delicious adventure with our menus. Savor authentic Indian dishes, refreshing drinks, and tempting takeaway options. We use only the freshest ingredients to create meals that tantalize your taste buds. Let your culinary journey begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need a quick answer before you visit? Browse our FAQs to find info on reservations, dietary options, and more! Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us directly!

Do you offer Gluten Free options?

We offer gluten-free options! However, it's important to note that while our kitchen staff takes great care to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot completely guarantee that our dishes and drinks are entirely allergen-free. For guests with celiac disease or severe gluten sensitivities, we recommend speaking to a member of our staff to discuss your options.

Do you offer Vegan Dishes?

Absolutely! We have a selection of delicious vegan dishes on our menu. To help you navigate the options and ensure you choose the perfect meal, we recommend speaking to a member of our staff who can provide recommendations based on your preferences.

Do you have parking facilities?

Yes, we do have convenient on-site parking available for our guests! This makes your dining experience even smoother, allowing you to come straight in and enjoy your meal.

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