Best Curry House Near Gardner Street, Manchester

Curry House Near Gardner Street

Satisfy your curry craving at The Indish, a top curry house near Gardner Street, offering authentic flavours and delicious dishes. They have tasty food, live music, and a friendly vibe, making it the top spot for curry in the area. Location and Atmosphere Located in the busy area of Gardner Street, The Indish Restaurant is […]

Special Balti Dishes Near Broadway Street, Oldham

Special Balti Dishes Broadway Street Oldham

Balti dishes in Oldham have been super popular! People from all over love the tasty mix of flavours and spices. These dishes are a must-try if you’re into exciting food. Let’s check out some special Balti dishes on the menu of Indish restaurant. Explore The Culinary Haven Broadway Street, right in the middle of the […]

Indish Restaurant: Popular Indian Food in the UK

Indian Food in the UK

The UK has long been enamoured with the flavours, aromas, and textures of Indian cuisine. From the bustling streets of London to the quaint corners of Edinburgh, the presence of Indian restaurants, often called Indish restaurant, is undeniable. But what makes Indian food so popular in the UK, and what dishes have become staples in […]

Amy Hannam

Step into the realm of enchantment as we unveil our much-anticipated sequel to the triumphant Max Mondryk’s musical extravaganza! 🌟 This Saturday, December 30th, immerse yourself in an extraordinary evening curated around the unparalleled talents of the excellent international  female vocalist, Amy Hannam. 💫🎤 Let the ethereal notes of Amy Hannam’s soulful tunes transport you […]

Paul Greenwood

This Saturday, 25th December , mark your calendars for an evening of sheer magic featuring the extraordinary talents of the sensational male guitar vocalist, Paul Greenwood . 💫🎤 Embark on a journey of musical enchantment as Paul Greenwood’s soulful tunes weave a tapestry of emotions, complemented by the sophisticated ambiance that is uniquely Indish. 😍🎼 […]


Following the resounding triumph of Max Mondryk’s captivating musical night, brace yourselves for the upcoming spectacle! 🌟 Embark on a mesmerizing journey this Saturday, December 23rd, as we present an extraordinary evening with the exceptionally talented “fantastic soul and reggae star Marlon “ Immerse yourself in the enchanting symphony of her soulful tunes, set against […]

Andy Owen

After the resounding success of Max Mondryk’s captivating musical night, we are thrilled to unveil our upcoming enchanting event! 🌟 Join us this Saturday, December 16th, for an extraordinary evening featuring the exceptional male vocalist, Andy Owen. 🎤 Prepare to be mesmerized by Andy Owen’s soulful tunes and the exquisite ambiance at Indish. 🎶 Book […]


KATIE JAY After the resounding success of Max Mondryk’s musical night, we’re thrilled to announce our next enchanting event! Join us this Saturday, December 9th, for an extraordinary evening with the exceptional female vocalist, Katie Jay. Prepare to be captivated by her soulful tunes and the exquisite ambience at Indish. Book your table now for […]

Belly Dancing Night

Join us for a night of anticipation! 🎉 Tomorrow, the stage is set for our sensational Belly Dancing Show at Indish. As we prepare for the rhythmic magic, reserve your table now for a night of enchantment, exotic moves, and delightful dining.  Let the countdown to a fabulous Friday begin!  Visit Indish Restaurant, Make Your […]